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Working with these Runes is a journey in self awareness !

Our soul is vast, multidimensional, unlimited!


The card back on Deck One is symbolic of our soul’s wisdom accumulated from discoveries, travels and experiences throughout the Universe. The gifts, talents and knowledge gleaned from our adventures are unlocked and available to us as we grow in love and expanded awareness. May we all unlock and touch upon our great potential by having the courage to listen to our inner voice and follow our dreams - the promptings from the Soul.


When the Soul dances with the physical body we remember how to magnetize our dreams into unimaginable synchronicities that bring delight to our earthly adventures.


Deck Two, SoulPower  is the sequel to Celestial Origin Healing Runes, Deck One, and is all about stepping into your Soulpower. 


As we open to the many gifts our soul has to offer, we light up ourself and our life in so many ways.  We become the multidimensional Beings of light we were meant to be.  Our power is beyond measure and doors open because we use our most treasured key, Love!!!


The experience of expanding our consciousness illumines our journey and we begin to shine our light upon those around us too!  We become a magnet for all things we are destined to experience and are in alignment with our soul’s odyssey.


May SoulPower support you in discovering just how amazingly powerful and gifted you are.  And take flight on the wings of your Soul.


What are they and how are they used?


Celestial Origin Healing Runes have been created through my expanded awareness meditations and energy healing practices over the course of 25 years of practice. They are presented here in a way that humanity can relate to, benefit from and heal with.

Celestial Origin Healing Runes are a compilation of elevated and uplifting insights combined with healing energies that work on a multidimensional level. They are adaptogenic, holographic capsules of light, color and sound, containing keys and codes to assist you on a vibrational level, no matter where you are along your path. The concepts are put forth in a language that is designed to be easily understood and facilitate your present healing techniques at any level of mastery. Or, perhaps you are just getting started and have no experience, Celestial Origin Healing Runes are aligned and designed to assist wherever you are on your journey. It’s not easy to describe what I know of them. I see/feel each card as a physical version of a luminous etheric tablet, more accurately described as Pranic Plasma, that contains a resonant frequency specific to its message, focus, support and healing potential. They address distortions of energy that result in an imbalance of energetic flow in the areas of concern. Celestial Origin Healing Runes support us holistically on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Within each description you will find pertinent information to assist you in understanding the selected rune and support you in moving through the areas of focus and concern. Each card works alone or in conjunction with one another. Choosing to work with a certain rune can be validation that you are indeed coming into harmony with its message or it may be indicative of a need to implement its wisdom and use its vibrations for support in your process of healing. Thus, it will deepen your understanding of the message and take your journey to the next level.

In order to work with any of these runes, simply connect to the card and set your intention. Intentions based in the frequency of Love will activate the rune and it will work through its own innate intelligence. Let the runes speak to you and bring their unique message, knowing that as we change, grow and evolve our understanding and interpretation of them will shift, expand and synchronize.

Learning to work with the runes and becoming familiar with them only enhances their value and your understanding of them.  It strengthens your connection and deepens your ability to integrate their vast wisdom and healing potential.

Some ways to utilize your deck of Healing Runes

  • You can pull a rune for the day stating something like, “what rune will best support me today” or  “what do I most need to know”?  You can call to mind something that you know is happening or going to happen or just be open to whatever frequency you most require.

  • If you’re working on something in particular such as a concept, circumstance or project etc be it a challenge or an opportunity allow the runes to guide and inform you.  They can be hugely supportive in ways that will be uplifting and give you a fresh perspective and guidance. 

  • Pulling multiple runes, as in a card spread, can bring even more clarity when needed and you can use them in combination with any other deck you wish.  Several spreads are listed in the digital booklet that comes with the purchase of your deck.

  • You can create an altar if you don’t already have one and place the cards you're working with in your sacred space.

  • The runes are wonderful to use in conjunction with your manifestation endeavors.  You can explore what might assist you in calling forth your desires, whether it be where you may be blocked or what you can energetically include.

  • Once you become familiar with the runes you will be able to just call forth their energy.  You may even find them coming to you energetically.

  • If you are doing a healing pull cards for the person, animal, plant, situation or whatever or whomever is the recipient of the healing.  This is a powerful way to support your session.  You can place them around, near or on the recipient.

  • You can use the runes in combination with any other healing tools and or modalities you wish, to enhance your work.

  • Pulling specific cards for whatever your addressing is also a nice way to use them.

  • You may wish to meditate with the runes . 

  • Get creative!  Have fun!  The runes have a consciousness and will work with you in many ways.  They are here to uplift humanity and bring new and expansive knowledge to those who wish to work with them.

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