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Working with these Runes is a journey in self awareness !


Card Cover


Our soul is vast, multidimensional, unlimited! This rune is symbolic of our soul’s wisdom accumulated from discoveries, travels and experiences throughout the Universe. The gifts, talents and knowledge gleaned from our adventures are unlocked and available to us as we grow in love and expanded awareness. May we all unlock and touch upon our great potential by having the courage to listen to our inner voice and follow our dreams - the promptings from the Soul.

What are they and how are they used?


Celestial Origin Healing Runes have been created through my expanded awareness meditations and energy healing practices over the course of 25 years of practice. They are presented here in a way that humanity can relate to, benefit from and heal with.

Celestial Origin Healing Runes are a compilation of elevated and uplifting insights combined with healing energies that work on a multidimensional level. They are adaptogenic, holographic capsules of light, color and sound, containing keys and codes to assist you on a vibrational level, no matter where you are along your path. The concepts are put forth in a language that is designed to be easily understood and facilitate your present healing techniques at any level of mastery. Or, perhaps you are just getting started and have no experience, Celestial Origin Healing Runes are aligned and designed to assist wherever you are on your journey. It’s not easy to describe what I know of them. I see/feel each card as a physical version of a luminous etheric tablet, more accurately described as Pranic Plasma, that contains a resonant frequency specific to its message, focus, support and healing potential. They address distortions of energy that result in an imbalance of energetic flow in the areas of concern. Celestial Origin Healing Runes support us holistically on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Within each description you will find pertinent information to assist you in understanding the selected rune and support you in moving through the areas of focus and concern. Each card works alone or in conjunction with one another. Choosing to work with a certain rune can be validation that you are indeed coming into harmony with its message or it may be indicative of a need to implement its wisdom and use its vibrations for support in your process of healing. Thus, it will deepen your understanding of the message and take your journey to the next level.

You can use Celestial Origin Healing Runes as support cards when working with a favorite deck for readings. Draw cards for a reading and then pull the Celestial Origin Runes to enhance and elaborate on the subject and circumstances relevant to the reading. The runes will assist in expanding your understanding of the information and facilitate the necessary healing process.

Another approach is to pull a rune and work with that card for the day or for a number of days, to integrate its wisdom and the healing energies it offers. You can put the card under your pillow or on your nightstand while you sleep. Or, you may want to carry it with you for the day. However you decide to interact with these runes is perfect and right for you!

Because each runes’ energies are module-like, you can request its energies stay with you as long as needed. Once you are familiar with the card’s image and message you can call it in through your intention.

The runes can be used during a healing session in person with your client or remotely. They work seamlessly in conjunction with other healing modalities; energy healing, crystals, essential oils, flower essences, tuning forks, singing bowls, drums, sound healing and other ancient, modern and traditional therapies.

In order to work with any of these runes, simply connect to the card and set your intention. Intentions based in the frequency of Love will activate the rune and it will work through its own innate intelligence. Let the runes speak to you and bring their unique message, knowing that as we change, grow and evolve our understanding and interpretation of them will shift, expand and synchronize.

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This is a 52 card deck presented in a beautiful purple velvet, yellow satin lined bag with a digital booklet that will be sent to you via email or text and can be easily viewed and stored in the books app on your apple or android device.  The book contains a picture of each rune along with a description of its meaning.

To order your deck go to the Contact page and email me or fill out the form and request your deck

Cost:  $40 plus $10 shipping
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