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Good morning, Janet. I just want to share with you what happened last night. I was up after everyone went to bed. As you know I have not been feeling well.  My mind has been going in places that are not good.  I have been struggling with entering a new decade in my life and also with a new business I am trying to create. I have been asking the Universe to help me, well begging actually. I looked over and there are your runes sitting open on my coffee table, so I pick them up, held them to my chin with a prayer asking for help. The first one I pick, which was just naturally there, was Evolution of Human Consciousness. This I think is my very favorite rune in your whole collection. It just really feels like it’s a part of my mission here and feels like ‘me’. So of course I read about it. I read it like I have never seen it before. It totally speaks to me. The second rune I pick is Focused Intention. Oh my word, I was like holy cow!  I had to just sit for a little while with all that and was in awe of the messages. And then I picked the third….Composure. Simple, to the point and wow.  I GOT IT! 

I am so grateful for you and these amazing, living essences/consciousnesses that you have brought into physical form. I now feel like I have moved on from all that was holding me down.


I am using the Soul Power deck for the daily readings I post on YouTube. At the conclusion of each reading, I pull a final card and specifically ask what our Soulful Presence wishes to share with our waking human consciousness. 

Using Soul Power for this question is profound. Not only in the way the cards harmonize and summarize the totality of the reading, but in the way the chosen card relates to events of the Now. Experiences one could never predict and are only recognized and understood in hindsight. I am hearing feedback from viewers and friends reporting to me how synchronistic the Soul Power card of the day is for situations and circumstances in evolution for others. This deck speaks a language of Love and Light we all inherently know. The resonance of these cards individually and collectively bring inner peace and healing from far beyond the edges of awareness. Soul Power literally engages our Soulful Presence and speaks the wordless language of our eternal home. Like the familiar voices of our wise grandmothers telling us tales before we fall asleep smiling, safe, loved and excited for the oncoming. Soul Power sets us free to BE!  Meredith   YouTube @myanglesoul4444

Hi Janet. I just received the beautiful gift of your runes from Karen. They are truly stunning in color and majesty. As soon as I receive them, I started praying over them asking the Holy Spirit to use them as a guide for me so I can better hear and understand the Lord‘s calling for me. I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me on relational challenges I’ve been having through my life, I didn’t even get done asking the question and a card came flying out of the deck. It literally almost hit me in the face… Lol. It was the Childlike Curiosity card. And of course human me thinks -what does that have to do with my issue! Lol again! As soon as I started reading from your guidebook, I totally received a response to my query. Look at all my relationships with a child like curiosity or wonder. It completely shifted my perception of relationships in general. I can’t thank you enough for letting the I AM presence work through you. Joan, FL


These runes are truly Divine and I feel like they can help many people shift their awareness and align to their Higher Power. The channeled writings and descriptions you have with your runes are life changing. Thank you for your diligent and continued work and connection in bringing these into being! Wow is all I can say!


My son just said that he woke up this morning feeling much more aware!!! All he did was hold the one card over his heart for 1 min on Tuesday with intention to receive full healing!!!!



Your cards continue to blow me away!!!


So today I sent what tested best for my friend/fellow BC practitioner in Las Vegas... joy and balance.... she felt heat in her neck !!!! 



Janet! I LOVE your cards!!! I immediately took them out and felt so much love emanating from them.  I was drawn right to the central nervous system card (I was in overdrive with my cns today) and asked "what's best for me to do with this right now? "..... I got to gaze at it for 3-4 mins and to do that for 14 days each day.  Well after the 3 minutes I felt a bit of a shift with energies moving in and around my head!  Wowza!  Excited to see what unfolds!  


AND YOU ARE JUST INCREDIBLE!!! These are GORGEOUS!!! You just amaze me with your gifts!  


Thank you so very much!  I feel so blessed by your extraordinary gift!!!

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