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My son just said that he woke up this morning feeling much more aware!!! All he did was hold the one card over his heart for 1 min on Tuesday with intention to receive full healing!!!!



Your cards continue to blow me away!!!


So today I sent what tested best for my friend/fellow BC practitioner in Las Vegas... joy and balance.... she felt heat in her neck !!!! 



Janet! I LOVE your cards!!! I immediately took them out and felt so much love emanating from them.  I was drawn right to the central nervous system card (I was in overdrive with my cns today) and asked "what's best for me to do with this right now? "..... I got to gaze at it for 3-4 mins and to do that for 14 days each day.  Well after the 3 minutes I felt a bit of a shift with energies moving in and around my head!  Wowza!  Excited to see what unfolds!  


AND YOU ARE JUST INCREDIBLE!!! These are GORGEOUS!!! You just amaze me with your gifts!  


Thank you so very much!  I feel so blessed by your extraordinary gift!!!

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